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A little bit about us

We offer corrective skincare, advanced medical-grade treatments and indulgent spa therapies for everyone.


The story

Archon formed in 2015 out of the need to create a space that was equal for women and men, plus the queer community. Beauty salons, spas and clinics are often tailored specifically to women even though men now seek anti-aging and grooming treatments more than ever before.

It seems that a lot of clinics treat male services as an extension to their existing services menu. Whereas at Archon our treatments are designed from the ground up to be suitable for all genders. Men, women and the LGBTQI+ community are an integral part of our decision making journey and our male clients now equal 50% of our total customers.

We look forward to continuing this success and growing the brand further. Come on this journey with us and help us become Australia's preferred unisex clinic.

The name Archon (pronounced ARK-ON) represents us as leaders within the industry and the ability to facilitate transformation in others.

It is derived from the Greek words APXOVTAS and APXON (ruler and new-beginnings), as well as a genus of butterfly.

People come to us as caterpillars (not literally, we would never suggest such a thing), but often we see our clients transform into wonderfully confident, beautiful people. This change is what drives us further forward.

Our treatments and services have been designed to meet the highest quality standards and expectations by our clients and are performed by fully qualified therapists. We are a professional and friendly team who are well renowned in the industry for our level of dedication and passion.

We always ensure that our clients are treated with absolute discretion, respect and professionalism. We admit that we do make mistakes sometimes, but hopefully ones that are never repeated.

fall in love with your skin and body

free consultations + skin advice

male + female therapists

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fall in love with your skin and body

fall in love with your skin and body

free consultations + skin advice

male + female therapists

our values

What we believe in

We're committed to helping customers achieve their desired skin, hair and anti-aging results through proven methodologies. Plus we want our customers to express who they are and to celebrate what makes them unique.


Safety + Hygiene

We take great pride in the work we do and the care for our clients. This is why we always ensure we always maintain the highest levels of safety and hygiene practices at all times.


Customer Experience

The work we do is directly reflected by our clients level of satisfaction. It's  extremely important to us that everyone walks away not only happy with their treatment, but the experience.


Local Innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind what makes us who we are. We might not be a national franchise but we're nimble and adaptable and this allows us to more readily respond to our customer's needs.



Sometimes just a smile is enough to light up a room. Wherever you're at in your transformation journey we can help you reach your version of beautiful and confident.

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