women's laser hair removal

Women's laser hair removal with one simple price.

Women’s laser hair removal provides a long-term solution for the reduction of unwanted hair. We are able to treat any area of the body, and we have a simple pricing model that makes hair removal easy, fair, and flexible.

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Women's laser hair removal in Brisbane

We are able to reduce and permanently remove hair from any area of the female body with our diode laser hair removal technology. We can achieve long-lasting results for a number of skin and hair types, including some darker skin types. We offer laser hair removal that is fast, thorough and professional.

Women typically get laser hair removal for under the arms, the bikini line, genitals, or their entire legs. These treatments generally range from 15-minutes to upwards of an hour. Our treatment blocks allow you to book by time rather than by area, plus you're not locked-in to specific body parts that we set. If you have leftover time in your appointment we can spot treat other areas too at no additional cost.

As every woman is different it's important to book in a free consultation at our Brisbane clinic so we can discuss treatment length and treatment outcomes.

15-Minute Block


15 Minutes

Perfect treatment length that is able to treat areas like the chin, upper lip, underarms, nipples, or other small areas (or any variation of multiple spot treatments that adds up to 15-minutes)

30-Minute Block


30 Minutes

30-minute laser blocks provide sufficient time to treat your Brazilian, underarms, upper and lower lip all in a single appointment. Or, a range of other areas like your like your snail trail, lower back, lower legs plus more if you're not that hairy.

1-Hour Block


1 Hour

This treatment length is suitable for large areas or multiple large areas. In a single appointment we are able to laser your full legs and bikini line, plus your lower arms. Generally a full body laser appointment would take upwards of 1.5-2 hours.

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"The founder here has been in the industry for 25 years and knows his stuff. I found the experience easy going, friendly, and trustworthy. The prices here are also excellent value.  I recommend the carbon treatment and genesis laser to start off with."
imika n.
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"Such a beautiful experience - it felt like you were in Bali and not Teneriffe. Paige was absolutely wonderful and made for a blissful experience in the inner city of Brisbane"
lexi c.
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"Amazing treatment from start to finish. Salon is lovely and clean and treatment was very efficient and comfortable. Have already booked my next appointment!"
jo g.
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"Great relaxed space and quality service!"
haley l.
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"This is luxury at affordable prices! Staff are so friendly yet professional, so good at what they do. Very satisfied with my waxing, very quick and relatively painless!"
emma p.
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Frequently asked questions

Are Brazilian treatments included?

Yes, you can have any area of the body treated with our appointment blocks, including Brazilian laser hair removal. When you book in for a treatment block you will need to select if you would like to also include Brazilian laser hair removal. The reason for this is because some therapists treat only male clients, and others treat only female clients. This allows us to manage our booking system properly. We have both male and female therapists who are trained in female Brazilian laser hair removal.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment (melanin) in the hair. Melanin is present in both hair and skin and is also responsible for determining the colour. Because light is absorbed more readily by darker pigments lasers are able to achieve localised damage to the hair follicle only. The energy from the laser travels down the hair shaft into the follicle, which can then retard future hair growth.

Can I Still Tan With Laser Hair Removal?

It’s important to stay out of the sun while undergoing laser hair removal treatments. This is to ensure the pigmentation of your skin does not change or darken too much. If your skin becomes darker through tanning then we may have to adjust the settings of the laser. This will then result in a less effective treatment. The best results can be achieved in winter when your skin has lightened.  If you’re considering laser hair removal in Brisbane book in advance.

Our Laser Hair Removal Technology

The Brisbane laser hair removal machines that we operate are state of the art. They work effectively on all skin types and hair whether thick or thin. The laser hair removal procedure is a very fast treatment compared with older hair removal techniques. Our diode laser works on Continuous Wave technology which enables the laser machine to give an accurate and steady flow of light. This ensures all areas of the skin are treated under the same conditions with no variation in wavelength. This provides an even distribution across your treated area resulting in a superior result. The laser hair removal machine that we use is the only one of its kind in Brisbane!

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Lasers can remove hair permanently but the effectiveness will depend on both your suitability and the number of laser treatments you have. Hormonal changes can also bring back hair so if you are using pro-hormones/steroids, or if you are pregnant then the results can be less effective. In some cases, our clients have noticed such drastic results after their first treatment that they stopped shaving altogether.

Will Laser Hair Removal Work For Me?

Results can vary between individuals as everybody has different pigmentation ratios. We have had success with both light and dark skinned people due to the effectiveness of the laser machine we use in our Brisbane spa, however, we always conduct a free skin consultation to determine your suitability.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

The body consists of various types of hair, all of which have different evolutionary functions and cellular construction. Different areas of hair throughout the body often grow at different speeds and lengths. A good example of this would be the difference between pubic hair compared with head hair.

Additionally, hormones can play a role in the development of different types of hair. And we’re not just talking about during puberty. People who are on the contraceptive pill may develop hirsutism which can cause an increase in hair growth. The potential for excess hair growth can also be seen in people who are taking steroids, have endocrine issues, polycystic ovary syndrome, or people on HRT. Age plays a part in unwanted hair too given the association with hormonal changes. Women going through menopause may experience extra hairs on the chin, lip, abdomen, upper lip or even a beard.

The reason it is important to be aware of these issues is that they can interfere with the treatment outcome. If any of these apply to you it’s possible your laser hair removal results will be compromised. You need to be aware of these as they will affect how many laser hair removal treatments you will need.

Does it hurt?

Laser is generally less painful than waxing as you're treating a smaller area and the hair isn't being ripped from your body. That being said some people can find it irritable if the treatment is being performed on sensitive areas of skin (such as inner thigh, side of torso or genitals). We can adjust the treatment settings to make you more comfortable.

Hair Stages & Treatment Areas

Hair grows in 3 main stages called anagen, catagen and telogen. The anagen stage is the growth phase which determines how long the hair will ultimately become. This lasts for approximately 3-5 years per hair follicle. At the end of this the hair then enters the catagen phase which lasts for about 10 days. The last phase is the telogen phase which is a resting state of the follicle and remains inactive for 3 months. At which point the process is repeated.

The laser is only able to disable the hair follicle when hair is in the anagen stage (or growth stage). At any point in time up to 20% of hairs are in the catagen and telogen stage. So even though we are treating all of the existing visible hairs, 20% is currently lying dormant. In order to treat the area effectively we need to account for these growth and dormancy cycles This is why we recommend treatments every 4-8 weeks to ensure a suitable overlap and a greater treatment outcome. If you miss a treatment you run the risk of not being able to treat that area again if it returns to the catagen or telogen stages. This makes it difficult to treat 100% off the hair.

one price for all

Laser hair removal that's simple and fair for all.

We're getting rid of pricing practices that force you to pay by body area, even if you're not particularly hairy. Our 15-minute laser blocks costs $80 each and you can have any area lasered in your allotted time. It's that simple.

concerns addressed

This treatment helps with:


It's quick and convenient


Less painful than waxing


Longer lasting results over waxing


More cost-effective in the long run


Long-term solution for hair removal


Helps to prevent ingrown hairs


Reduces stubble and shaver rash

price list

Women's laser hair removal prices

Our laser hair removal prices provide more flexibility with your treatment outcome, more options to treat multiple areas and makes booking so much easier.

Treatment Blocks

15-Minute Block


30-Minute Block


45-Minute Block


1-hour Block


Please include Brazilian*


*Due to therapist limitations with genital treatments, if you wish to include genital and Brazilian laser hair removal in your booking you will need to add "Please Include Female Brazilian" to your appointment. If you only require body areas treated then you don't need to select this option. There's no additional cost in selecting this service, it just allows our system to select the appropriate therapists for this treatment. We have both male and female therapists who are trained in female Brazilian laser treatments.

treatment recommendations

laser hair removal preparation + aftercare

  • Please shave the area/s prior to your laser hair removal treatment

  • Avoid any waxing or other hair reduction treatments 3-4 weeks prior to your laser hair removal appointment

  • Try and avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure prior to your treatments to maximise results

  • Please avoid any body lotions prior to your treatment

  • You may experience some redness after your treatment, this is perfectly normal

  • For the first 24-48 hours after your treatment avoid any harsh soaps or chemicals, and pat dry the area after showering

  • 1-4 weeks after your treatment you may notice shedding of dead hair as it pushes itself out of the follicle. You can speed this process up by exfoliating your skin

  • Avoid any direct sun, lotions, strenuous exercise, sweating, or anything that may aggravate your skin in the first 1-2 days after your treatment

  • For best results we recommend laser hair removal treatments during the winter months (or April through to October). Without constant sun exposure your skin will lighten and the contrast between your hair and skin colour will be greater. This contrast allows our laser machines to better attract to the darker pigments in your hair, and this produces better overall treatment success.

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