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Laser Hair Removal Brisbane

At Archon, we use advanced diode laser hair removal technology to treat hair anywhere on the body for men, women and transgender patients. We can achieve professional hair-free results on a variety of skin and hair types.

Treatments from:


/ 15 Minutes

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fair treatments for all

We've made laser hair removal easy and fair for all body types, genders, shapes and sizes

Most clinics charge laser treatments by body area without accounting for differences in body shape, gender, size and hairiness. We have now made our treatments equal for all and removed those limitations entirely.

Now you can book in for treatment blocks and have any area/s on your body treated in a single booking. No extra charges, no hidden fees. Full body laser hair removal is now cheaper, and spot treating multiple small areas is now possible in a single booking.

It's more cost-effective, easier to book, and it gives you greater treatment flexibility.

Treatments for women

From $75

15 Minutes +

We can perform laser hair removal on any area of the female body. Hair grows in all sorts of places but the most popular areas are generally the underarms, Brazilian, upper lip and legs.

Treatments for men

From $75

15 Minutes +

Male laser hair removal is a very common treatment for reducing hair on the chest and back, but no area is off-limit. The male Brazilian is becoming increasingly more popular, as well as neck and beard treatments for those seeking improved comfort and convenience.

price list

Laser hair removal prices for everyone

All of our laser treatment prices will be phased out in favour of incremental treatment blocks. However, you may still book in specific treatments using the price list below. We have opted for simple treatment blocks as it gives you more flexibility with your treatment outcome and makes booking easy.

Treatment Blocks

15-Minute Block


30-Minute Block


45-Minute Block


1-hour Block


Free consultations for all treatments

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