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Pigmentation reduction for uniform skin, tone + texture

Our pigmentation and spot removal treatments can precisely target and erase hyperpigmentation damage including freckles, dark spots and blotches while leaving your normal skin (including vitiligo) completely unaffected.

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Most popular pigmentation reduction treatments

Our pigmentation, freckle and spot treatments are able to treat a range of skin discolouration anywhere on the body. We can treat freckles, sun spots, sun damage, age spots and some birthmarks. Most spots are safe to remove, however, please get your spots checked by a specialist beforehand to make sure none of these spots are considered dangerous.

freckle removal - 15 minute block


15 minutes

We are able to easily remove freckles in a relatively quick amount of time. In a 15-minute treatment block we are able to treat approximately 30 freckles or spots anywhere on your body. This is great for treating small concentrations of age spots and sun spots on the hands.

freckle removal - 30 minute block


30 minutes

In a 30-minute booking we are able to treat approximately 60 freckles and spots. If you have condensed areas of pigmentation like the picture above e.g. above his brow, then we can treat this area in a single appointment, and any other spots in the remaining time.

freckle removal - 1 hour Block


1 hour

Freckles and pigmentation spots can be treated on large areas like the back in a 1-hour appointment. We can treat approximately 120 freckles and spots in this time. We can treat anywhere on the body, so you're not limited to a particular zone if your spots are in different areas.

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"The founder here has been in the industry for 25 years and knows his stuff. I found the experience easy going, friendly and trustworthy. The prices here are also excellent value.  I recommend the carbon treatment and genesis laser to start off with."
imika n.
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"Great experience, extremely professional. Anthony was informative and I felt confident and comfortable throughout the treatment. Highly recommend."
danielle w.
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"I love this place, I’ve always had great treatments and amazing results especially with laser hair removal. Staff are always really lovely & friendly."
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price list

Freckle, pigmentation and spot removal costs

freckle removal

15 minute block - freckles


30 minute block - freckles


1 hour block - freckles


sun + spot removal

15 minute block


30 minute block


1 hour block


Optional Extras

Topical Anaesthetic


*Topical anaesthetic isn't a requirement, and is only suggested if you are getting freckles and spots treated in a dense, and particularly sensitive area. E.g., 30 spots within a 10cm patch.

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