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Carbon laser facial Brisbane

Carbon laser facials are an advanced exfoliating treatment that clears pores, blackheads, dead skin and oil while also stimulating collagen and and reducing pigmentation. It offers a variety of benefits that result in a clear, fresh and flawless complexion.

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carbon laser facial

Carbon laser facials provide a framework for clean, clear and flawless skin

Carbon laser facials are a popular treatment for those who suffer from oily or congested skin or uneven skin tone. As the treatment promotes collagen production and pigmentation reduction it really is a treatment that's suitable for every Australian; especially in Brisbane where we're often exposed to damaging UVA/UVB rays.

We apply black liquid carbon over your face that contain ultra fine carbon particles. These then settle deep within your pores and across your skin's surface. As it dries the carbon absorbs pollutants and contaminates within the skin which are then blasted away by our lasers. The laser light is attracted to the dark pigment in the carbon and on impact it creates a mini-explosion on the surface of the skin. Effectively blasting away impurities, oil, dead skin and blackheads. It produces an audible pop as the particles and contaminates are instantly vaporised.

It might sound scary, but the Carbon laser facial offers great results for clearer complexion and without too much discomfort. It's a very unique treatment.

A large young woman with beautiful clear skin and a gentle smile, looking at the camera after getting carbon laser treatment

Carbon Laser Facial - Full Face


30 minutes

This treatment is performed on the full face, and stops just below your jawline. As the treatment has minimal discomfort it can also be used in conjunction with other facial treatments for complete aesthetic results.

middle aged man with white hair and a beard getting a carbon laser facial for just his half face in Brisbane

Carbon Laser Facial - Half Face


30 minutes

If you're currently sporting facial hair or only need to spot treat your cheeks or forehead this is a perfect entry-level option. Customers also combine this treatment with the Genesis Laser facial for optimal results.

portrait of an older woman smiling at the camera with clean and clear complexion from carbon laser facial treatments

Carbon Laser - Face, Neck + Décolletage


1 Hour

This treatment is performed on your full face, down the front of your neck in line with your ears, and onto your décolletage. Treating this area is typically more common in older patients who have sun damage and cleavage wrinkles.

Don't just take our word for it

"The founder here has been in the industry for 25 years and knows his stuff. I found the experience easy going, friendly and trustworthy. The prices here are also excellent value.  I recommend the carbon treatment and genesis laser to start off with."
imika n.
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"Great experience, extremely professional. Anthony was informative and I felt confident and comfortable throughout the treatment. Highly recommend."
danielle w.
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"I love this place, I’ve always had great treatments and amazing results especially with laser hair removal. Staff are always really lovely & friendly."
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Frequently asked questions

How many treatments will I need?

On average, we recommend that patients will need 4 to 6 treatments for optimal results. However, this may vary from person to person, and we recommend a free consult to determine how many treatments will be required to see your desired results.

Who will perform my treatment?

When using lasers only our qualified laser technicians will be performing your treatment. We have both male and female therapists available and you may pick your preference when booking.

Is there any downtime?

You may experience some initial redness that will fade away within a few hours after your treatment. However, you can still continue with your daily activities or return back to work and most people probably wouldn't be able to tell.

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Carbon laser is great for


Continual stimulation of new collagen


Offers long-term skin tightening


Reduction in diffuse redness


Assists in fading acne scars


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Promotes a healthier even complexion


Improved circulation


Diminishes the appearance of pores

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Carbon Laser facial prices

The carbon laser facial is a great treatment that is suitable for ALL skin types. But, it also works particularly well in combination with our Carbon Laser facial. If you're not sure what would be best for your skin then please book in a free consultation.

Carbon Laser Facial

Carbon Laser - Face


Carbon Laser - 1/2 Face


Carbon Laser - Face, Neck + Déco


Laser Genesis + Carbon

Genesis + Carbon - Face


Genesis + Carbon - Face, Neck + Déco


Optional Extras

Topical Anaesthetic - Face + Neck*


*Topical anaesthetic isn't a requirement, and is only suggested if you opt for the Genesis + Carbon treatment combination on the neck and décolletage

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