laser tattoo fading and removal

Tattoo removal using the latest Q-switched lasers

We are able to successfully remove and fade black and coloured tattoos with our Q-switched lasers. These lasers are considered the gold standard for tattoo removal as they produce excellent patient results with high predictability and safety.

Tattoo Removal Cost:


/ 15 Minutes

Available in-store for this treatment

laser tattoo removal

Brisbane tattoo removal for coloured and black ink

We consider any form of creative self-expression to be as equally important as good looking skin. However, we also understand that people change. Lots of people choose to remove or fade their tattoos because they no longer represent who they are. For others it's simply a matter of reverting back to cleaner looking skin.

Whatever your reason our Q-switched laser technology can help remove your tattoo, including coloured and black inks. Book your free laser tattoo removal consultation today.

Tattoo removal - 15 minute block

Cost : $80

15 minutes

15-minute treatment blocks are great for treating small tattoos. If you have small quotes, little motifs, or 5x5cm areas we can successfully treat these areas during your appointment.

Tattoo removal - 30 minute block

Cost : $160

30 minutes

30-minute treatment blocks are suitable for medium sized tattoos that are approximately 10-20cm in size. Alternatively, we can treat multiple smaller tattoos in a 30-minute treatment too.

Tattoo removal - 1 hour block

Cost : $320

1 hour

Large tattoos of approximately 20-30cm in size are able to be treated with this appointment length. Shoulders, shoulder blades, half sleeves are all able to be treated within 1 hour. You may also have a medium tattoo and 2 smaller ones which we can treat all in the same appointment.

tattoo removal prices

Tattoo removal cost

Tattoo removal costs are broken up into 15-minute appointment blocks. Each block of time is charged at the same $75 rate per 15 minutes. This way you can spot treat multiple tattoos or intricate tattoos all in one session without worrying about being charged purely by the overall tattoo size.

tattoo removal Cost

15 minute block - Tattoos


30 minute block - Tattoos


1 hour block - Tattoos


Optional Extras

Topical Anaesthetic*


*Topical anaesthetic isn't a requirement but it will greatly assist with your comfort levels. If you add this to your booking you will need to wait an additional 40 minutes so that it has sufficient time to take effect.

tattoo removal faq

Frequently asked questions

Does tattoo removal hurt?

By itself, yes. But we use a cooling machine on the skin to minimise discomfort, sensitivity and thermal damage from the laser. We also apply topical anaesthetic to numb the area of skin being treated. Although this is an optional extra we do highly encourage the use of anaesthetic as it will greatly reduce pain felt during your treatment. Plus, we don't want you to be discouraged from returning and seeing great results purely because your initial treatment was painful.

Can I get rid of multiple tattoos?

Yes, if you have 3 really small tattoos that you want to remove we can probably treat these in a single 15-minute appointment. You are not locked in to only treating just one tattoo or just one area of your body. If you have multiple tattoos of various sizes that won't be a problem either.

Can I book just 45-minutes?

You can mix and match your appointment blocks to customise the total length required. If you require a 45-minute treatment simply book in both 15, and 30-minute treatment block. If you require 1.5 hours in total, book in for 1-hour, and 30-minutes respectively.

Which one should I book in?

Every tattoo design is unique which makes it difficult to accurately price treatments purely based on the size of the tattoo. Which is why we have opted for a fairer pricing model with standardised appointment blocks. To accurately determine which treatment length is suited to your tattoo size please book in for a free consultation first. We can then recommend which one to book for your treatments as well as give you an accurate estimate to the total number of treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

If your tattoo is solid black it will have the best chance of complete removal (or near complete removal). This would generally require at least 6 consecutive treatments before it began to fade considerably. In saying that we have seen some tattoos fade by 80% after only 2 treatments. These varying results are due to differences in patient skin colour, hair, tattoo colours, and how old the tattoo is at the time of treatment.

If your intention is to tattoo over your old tattoo then you may only require a 50% reduction. Depending on your new tattoo design your tattoo artist may be able to give you an indication of how faded it would need to be so that you don't unnecessarily remove too much.

Please book in for a free consultation and we can give our best estimate as to results you can expect and how many treatments you will need.

How much is tattoo removal?

We've made our pricing really simple at Archon, and most laser treatments that generally involve specific body areas are all charged at the same rate. We charge $75 per 15-minute treatment block, and you may book in as many treatment blocks as required depending on the size of the area, and we can also treat multiple areas during this time. If you have 2 really small tattoos we can probably treat these in the one appointment at no additional cost.

Can you remove just a little bit?

If you need to spot treat a section of a tattoo, or perhaps your tattoo artist made a typo we can help correct this for you. We can reduce the size of the laser for more detailed work but anything too intricate our within close proximity to the area being removed will often be lost in the laser process. In order to reobtain crisp edges in your amended design you will probably have to revisit your tattoo artist. We will do our best to achieve crisp results but the laser's primary function is not intended for such intricate tattoo removal.

Will it burn and blister?

After laser tattoo removal it's not uncommon to experience redness, dry, itchy, swollen or blistered skin. However, the blister itself isn't necessarily caused by burning but rather the healing process itself. In order for the treatment to be effective the laser must penetrate the skin and disintegrate the tattoo ink particles. As these particles are broken down, so too are the surrounding blood vessels. As the body reacts and starts the healing process the ink particles are seen as foreign objects and are expelled from the body. We need to achieve a level of damage great enough so that the ink is sufficiently broken down, but also so that the body has the appropriate healing response. We will guide you on the correct after-care steps to minimise discomfort and side-effects during this time.

concerns addressed

Tattoo removal benefits:


No scarring


No more tattoo regret


Get rid of those bad memories


Can break down all ink colours


Emotional benefits


Do it if it will make you feel better

treatment recommendations

Tattoo removal preparation + aftercare

  • Do not apply any makeup, lotions, spray tans or creams prior to your appointment

  • We cannot treat the skin where there is excessive hair. If you have facial hair or a hairy chest you may need to shave it advance.

  • It's best to avoid any other beauty and grooming treatments particularly if these can cause skin irritation.

  • Redness, bruising and a hot sensation around the treated area are expected after your treatment

  • Please do not remove any gels or patches that we apply for at least 24 hours after your treatment

  • If blisters and scabs appear please do not pick at these. Doing so will interfere with the healing process and the treatment outcome

  • Any scabs that form may last for up to 2 weeks depending on the size of the area being treated. This may reduce your ability to go to the gym or operate work equipment as normal. Please take this into account prior to starting treatment.

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