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Women’s Brazilian, bikini and Hollywood waxing

We provide a range of Brazilian wax treatments for Brisbane women in a comfortable and professionalism setting. Book in today for the results you've been searching for.

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Brisbane's best Brazilian waxing

With smooth and silky customised results, whatever your style, we guarantee nothing but the best for your Brazilian. Years of experience, premium wax, and a superior technique allow for a quick Brazilian wax, so you can go about your day uninterrupted. We provide a Brazilian waxing experience that is less painful, and our friendly therapists have a gentle and professional touch. We also follow the latest safety standards, use only disposable tools and always wear gloves when performing your Brazilian wax.

woman wearing cream underwear with an illustration highlighting the areas involved in women's Brazilian wax, leaving a landing strip of hair

Women's Brazilian Wax


40 Minutes

The Brazilian wax leaves a little landing strip of hair, but everything else is removed.

A large woman wearing a black body suit with an highlighting the pubic region for where a Hollywood wax is performed

Women's Hollywood Wax


40 Minutes

The Hollywood wax provides complete pubic hair removal from the front, between the legs, and between the cheeks.

woman standing in underwear highlighting the areas involved in a woman's G-string wax

Women's G-String Wax


20 minutes

This wax is like a normal bikini line wax but follows the higher contours of a G-string, leaving a high and tight pubic patch.

Some friendly feedback : )

"The reviews don’t lie - absolutely the best service! I was attended to by Rata, who was amazing — both very friendly and professional. The entire experience was surprisingly not as painful as compared to other places I’ve waxed at and she kept me distracted throughout. Will be back again :)"
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"Paige was very pleasant, made me feel super comfortable, did a very thorough job all with no embarrassing positions."
carla r.
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"Liz is a true professional, she put me at ease instantly. Very happy with results!"
zoe m.
Google Review
"Facilities were great and staff were really friendly and informative :) Thank you! Great prices! Will definitely recommend"
natika h.
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"This is luxury at affordable prices! Staff are so friendly yet professional, so good at what they do. Very satisfied with my waxing, very quick and relatively painless!"
emma p.
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waxing while pregnant

What if I'm pregnant or have my period?


Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from my first Brazilian wax?

You may choose to have your Brazilian wax performed by either our male or female therapists. We are fully qualified and licenced professionals with many years of waxing experience. You are welcome to request your preferred therapist at the time of booking, or select your therapist online. Your first Brazilian wax will probably make you a little anxious but we will do everything we can to make sure your experience is as relaxing as possible. We also have disposable briefs that you may request. You can wear these throughout your treatment to provide some additional modesty. We will simply move these to the side during your treatment so you do not feel completely exposed.

When you arrive

When you arrive at Archon for your Brazilian wax you will be greeted warmly and offered a drink. If it’s your first treatment with us you will be required to fill out a quick form. You can sit amongst our vertical garden wall, smell our essential oils blends and listen to soothing music. This should have you nice and relaxed before your waxing treatment.

Once you’re ready we’ll invite you into a private room where you’ll be for approximately 20+ minutes (depending on the wax). We’ll let you undress in private and lie on the table, which we cover in clean paper cloth and towels. If you are wearing a skirt you may also opt to leave it on. Some women prefer to arrive in skirts or similar so that they don’t feel completely naked and exposed. Skirts are also a good choice afterwards as they help the area to breathe.

What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive at Archon for your Brazilian wax you’ll be greeted warmly and offered a complimentary drink. If it’s your first treatment with us you will be required to fill out a quick form. We have soothing music and essential oils to help you relax. This should help ease any nerves beforehand.

Once you’re ready we’ll invite you into your treatment room where you’ll be for approximately 15-20 minutes (depending on the wax). We’ll let you undress in private and lie on the bed, which we cover in clean paper cloth and towels.

During your Brazilian treatment

Once our hands are washed and our gloves are on we will wipe down the skin. This is done with a pre-wax solution to remove both oil and to kill bacteria. Talcum powder is then applied which prevents the wax from sticking directly to the skin. Then we can proceed to apply the wax and remove the pubic hair. Once all the hair has been removed we can then apply a soothing lotion.

What do I do during?

The process of having a Brazilian wax is fairly straightforward and is performed quickly. During your treatment we will ask that you assume a number of positions, but try to minimise discomfort as much as possible. Please rest assured that we have done this a thousand times, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Any compromising positions are designed to ensure an effective and efficient treatment, which means you can finish sooner and smoother.

How often should I get a Brazilian?

We suggest you get waxed every 4-6 weeks to maintain results. If you’re looking for a longer lasting Brazilian then laser hair removal might be a better solution for you.

Does it hurt?

The first time you get a Brazilian wax will undoubtedly hurt the most. Likewise, if you are pregnant or have your period the experience may be more painful than normal. It's tolerable but not pain-free. Everyone experiences different levels of pain with different skin types and hair thickness. So, unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to experience it yourself. The good news is that the more regularly you have a Brazilian wax the less painful it becomes.

concerns addressed

Brazilian waxing helps with:


Longer lasting results as wax removes hair from the follicle


Hair will eventually become weaker


Decrease in shaving related ingrown hairs


No shaving related rashes and cuts


Reduces itchy regrowth


More precise result


Regrowth is often softer

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Women's Brazilian waxing prices

Women's genitals

Brazilian Wax + Full Leg


Brazilian Wax + 1/2 Leg


Brazilian Wax


Hollywood Wax


G-String wax


Bikini Wax


Full Buttocks


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