treatments for men

A guide to all of our male treatment offerings

We have a range of male specific treatments including laser hair removal, men's waxing, male spa packages, men's facial treatments and more.

treatments for men

Our complete range of grooming, anti-aging and spa treatments for men

Stick around and browse our male treatment offerings. Whether it's hair removal, waxing, facial treatments or something a little more relaxing we have something suitable for all types of men.

We're an award-winning grooming clinic so you're in safe, experienced hands.

15-Minute Block


15 Minutes

Perfect for smaller areas like underarms, nostrils, ears, chin, forehead, eyebrows and nipples (or any variation that adds up to 15-minutes)

30-Minute Block


30 Minutes

30 Minute laser blocks provide enough time to treat either the abs, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, chest and brief line. Or multiple smaller areas.

1-Hour Block


1 Hour

This treatment length allows us to treat areas as large as your full legs and brief line, or your full back, shoulders and neck. Full body treatments usually require 2 hours.

We have over 20 years of beauty and grooming experience

Treatments since we opened
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Of our clients are men

one price for all

We've made laser hair removal easier and more accessible for all.

Macro photo of a green leaf with a little clear water droplet resting on the leaf.

concerns addressed

This treatment helps with:


It's quick and convenient


Less painful than waxing


Longer lasting results over waxing


More cost-effective in the long run


Long-term solution for hair removal


Helps to prevent ingrown hairs


Reduces stubble and shaver rash

itchy beard?

We can treat the neck, beard line and cheeks too

young man with smooth hairless skin after getting laser hair removal on his face, neck and beard
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